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Frank Heidlberger

Frank Heidlberger is Director of Global Supply Chain at McDonald’s andprovides strategic direction and oversight to the McDonald’s globalpackaging category with an annual spend of $2.8 billion USD. He leads ateam responsible for Packaging category management include Sourcing,Product Development & Innovation, and Sustainability.

In the past 3 years that Frank is leading the Packaging category for       
McDonald ́s, he spearheaded the transition of the packaging organizationfrom functioning independently across three main regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific) to operating as one global structure. In addition, Frank established and leads a Global Packaging Supplier Council as wellas an internal cross-functional Packaging Steering Team with representatives from Supply Chain, Sustainability, Operations and Menu/Marketing to ensure external and internal Packaging stakeholders provide their thought leadership in setting strategic directions and driving outcomes.

His past 1.5 years were very much influenced by the shifting categorydynamics in Packaging. Together with McDonald’s Sustainability expertsFrank was instrumental in the development of the Packaging & Recyclingpillar of McDonald’s Sustainability Strategy, named “Scale for Good”.Frank is one of McDonalds’representatives in the Next Gen Cup Challenge, where McDonald ́s partners with other big brands to solve the global issue of renewable and recyclable packaging, which is one of McDonald’s collaborative efforts to continually innovate our packaging, reduce waste, and increase recycling.

Hall 4 Level 1, H15 Business Forum: Paper, Consumers, Consumption 4.0
12:00 — 12:20 PM
June 24 '20
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