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Lukas Baur

Vice President IoT

Lukas has been responsible for the fast growing IoT division at TeamViewer since January 2020, focusing on development, customer service, sales and alliances. He gained his profound sales and management experience at Avaya Germany, where he was responsible for sales for almost five years. This was preceded by over a decade of senior planning and analysis roles with a focus on standardisation, automation and efficiency programs. He was also responsible for the development and management of new organisational structures and helped transform various business units. He is an innovator who focuses on process digitalisation and new business models and provides strong sales support for customers in their digitalisation and cloud projects.

Technology Stage Remote maintenance and networked engineering Technology Stage GER Lecture
11:40 AM — 12:00 PM
November 24 '20

Flexibility in the PLC control technology

Reduced response times. Full data availability. Remote access.

Subject to changes without notice

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