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Benedikt Rauscher

Head of Global IoT / Industry 4.0 Projects

Benedikt Rauscher studied electrical engineering with a focus on control engineering at the TU Darmstadt and then worked for ISRA Vision AG in the field of image processing systems for 16 years.

In 2005, he joined Pepperl+Fuchs as a group leader, where he worked on the development of vision sensors until 2015.

Since then he has been responsible for internal and external activities at Pepperl+Fuchs in connection with Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

At ZVEI, he is a member of the mirror committee "Models and Standards" in the Industry 4.0 management circle, represents Pepperl+Fuchs in the 5G-ACIA and heads the ad-hoc working group "Industry 4.0 in Sensor Technology" in the Automation Association.

Sensors and industrial communication Technology Stage GER Lecture
1:35 — 1:55 PM
November 25 '20

The digital twin for sensors: A machine readable data source

Definition of standard-based submodels for the asset administration shell of industrial sensors in a ZVEI working group

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