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Sensors and industrial communication Product Stage Exhibitor contribution
1:30 — 1:50 PM
November 25 '20

Contactless energy and data transmission (Ethernet, IO-Link) and intelligent sensors for digital industrial communication

Language: GER

SMW Electronics offers innovative products for the digitization and automation of business processes. For industrial communication, SMW-Electronics offers inductive coupler systems, a technology for digitizing processes on fast-moving or difficult-to-access machines and system parts. Large amounts of energy and data can be transferred without contact between stationary and moving components. An inductive coupler system usually consists of a stationary coupler and a movable, mobile coupler. Areas of application are wherever conventional cable and plug connections are not possible or inexpedient. With inductive coupling systems, the energy required to supply sensors, actuators or control components is transferred without contact using an alternating magnetic field. The simultaneous energy and signal transmission supports industrial communication standards such as IO-Link or Ethernet-based field buses. The comprehensive product range offers standard coupling systems as well as customer-specific coupling systems for complex applications. SMW-Electronics also uses the technology of contactless energy and data transmission in the product area of intelligent sensors. The main advantage of this intelligent sensor system is that several physical measured variables can be recorded in the smallest of spaces, such as force, torque, vibrations, temperature, rotation rate, path, position and pressure. Thanks to the intelligent processing of measured values integrated in the sensor, the recorded values can be processed into information relevant to the production process. The energy and data transmission required for the sensor supply takes place without contact via an inductive interface. 

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