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Robotics, Motion, Functional safety and DC-Infrastructure Main Stage Lecture
4:20 — 4:40 PM
November 26 '20

Data, data, data and no end in sight – Fieldbuses take the load off with Drive Intelligence

Language: GER + EN

The flood of data is getting greater and greater: New jobs and a higher degree of requirements make communication via fieldbus in modern machines and plants increasingly. Integration into IIoT raises the amount of data even further. Automation suppliers are reacting to this trend by developing new, more powerful fieldbuses. At the same time, the demands on the computing power of the control system are growing. 

One solution is to shift the intelligence into the drive. This reduces the load on fieldbuses and the central control system making the automation system leaner and more scalable. The presentation will show which challenges machine builders’ face and which intelligent drive concepts can be used to build alternative topologies: An insight into how data volumes in the fieldbus can be reduced, central control systems relieved and machines and plants become more productive.  

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