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Cyber security and IT in manufacturing Product Stage Exhibitor contribution
12:00 — 12:20 PM
November 26 '20


Language: GER

In the networked world, the convergence of information technology (IT) and business technology (OT) is inevitable. Due to increasing digitalization, industrial companies are exposed to cyber threats more than ever. The Fortinet Security Fabric as a platform offers customized cyber security for IT and OT at all levels. The Fortinet solution integrates OT security solutions with threat protection for corporate IT environments - across the entire Purdue model and into the cloud. In addition to visibility, control and integrated support for industry standards, it provides rapid threat analysis that automatically identifies risks in the OT environment. The ICS/SCADA Fortinet solution minimizes complexity and lowers the ongoing cost of OT security management compared to separate security products in isolated IT and OT environments.

Mirco Kloss

Business Development Manager Operational Technology DACH

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