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Artificial intelligence and Intelligent operating concepts Product Stage Exhibitor contribution
11:40 AM — 12:00 PM
November 25 '20

How a distributed industrial cloud enhances future-proof production processes

Language: GER

A Distributed Industrial Cloud Solution enables manufacturers to move from automated machinery to autonomous end-to-end manufacturing processes. To achieve this, it utilizes data collected at the edge (the assembly line or manufacturing site), at the corporate data center, and in the cloud, leveraging the power of AI for analysis, recommendations, and autonomous action. This paves the way for on-demand production, even in lot size one. The benefits include: Optimization of product quality and maximizing output, Facilitating management of complex production processes, Improving OEE, Reduces production and maintenance cost, Future-proofs manufacturing.

Max Morwind

IoT Technical Sales Lead EMEA

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Florian Dörr

Head of Edge Practice DACH

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