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Robotics, Motion, Functional safety and DC-Infrastructure Product Stage Exhibitor contribution
2:10 — 2:30 PM
November 26 '20

Counting on Energy Harvesting Multi-Turn Encoders

Language: ENG

The rotary feedback encoder market for servo motor control has seen increasing growth especially for absolute encoders that incorporate a multi-turn counter. Having a compact size is imperative for the expanded adoption of energy harvesting multi-turn (EHMT) encoders in servo motor systems, away from traditional gear-based or battery back-up multi-turn solutions.

This session details the working concept of energy harvesting encoders, and how they are well suited to applications such as robotics with Broadcom´s various types of EHMT encoders.

Attendees will learn about the compact sized, full magnetic AS33-M42M EHMT encoders that are ideal as an alternative to optical encoders, as well as high-performance single-turn AS38 and AS35 encoders.

Vladan Mitov

Field Sales Engineer

Subject to changes without notice

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