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Sensors and industrial communication Product Stage Exhibitor contribution
3:10 — 3:30 PM
November 25 '20

Fiber Optic Transceivers for Use in Industry, Transportation and Medical Applications

Language: ENG

Fiber optic transceivers have been used very successfully in industrial applications for decades. This is due, among other things, to the high data transmission rate, the insensitivity to interference and the ease of use. Broadcom has a portfolio of transceivers for various industrial protocols such as Sercos, Profinet and Profibus, which are emerging as industry standards.

Due to the nature of the industrial environment, Broadcom pursues a two-pronged strategy in its product portfolio. Long-term availability: This is key for industrial customers due to the long design cycles in this market. Product expansion: with new features such as DMI (Digital Monitoring Interface), higher temperature range, increased energy efficiency and the introduction of a protective coating on the transceiver for use in harsh conditions.

We want to support customers in finding the right solution for industrial communication with fiber optic transceivers. This applies to customers who already use Broadcom transceivers and want to switch to newer, high performance products, but also to customers who have little experience with fiber optics

Lisa Dietrich

Field Applications Engineer, Industrial Products

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