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Industry 4.0 | Digital twin Product Stage Exhibitor contribution
4:00 — 4:20 PM
November 24 '20

Professional Services - Project planning of digital twins for virtual

Language: GER

The benefit of virtual commissioning (VIBN) is well known in the market: Shorter

project lead times, higher software quality, optimized system performance, working at home. Therefore, more and more plant operators demand the VIBN as well as the

digital twin of the plant from their suppliers for safeguarding and training purposes as an integral part of the offer portfolio. This often hits the suppliers unprepared. This is exactly where the Professional Services division of ISG Industrielle

Steuerungstechnik GmbH comes in: With workshops and trainings the employees of the suppliers quickly become experts for VIBN, the introduction of digital engineering is accelerated, personnel bottlenecks in the modeling of digital twins by experts of

ISG are compensated and components and assemblies, up to entire plants are

modeled as service. Suppliers can thus quickly and efficiently expand their portfolio

of services and are equipped for the future.

Dr. -Ing. Stefan Scheifele

Head of Professional Services simulation technology

Subject to changes without notice

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