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Industry 4.0 | Digital twin Product Stage Exhibitor contribution
3:20 — 3:40 PM
November 24 '20

Save time & costs: The digital twin in the engineering process - from drive

Language: GER

The simulation of electric drives has many advantages: shorter time-to-market, automated commissioning, increased drive efficiency, optimal design, simple analysis of existing processes. Baumüller uses various simulation tools to simulate drives and processes. Matlab-Simulink, HIL-Simulation or ProSimulation - depending on the application. It is important that the right simulation solution based on the appropriate simulation software is available for every problem and every customer. In the lecture, the engineering process in machine and plant construction will be presented and the possibilities that result from simulation technology in the drive area will be discussed. A use case is carried out for each process step. Finally, there is a detailed application example of ProSimulation for virtual commissioning.

Markus Jaksch

Head of Central Application

Subject to changes without notice

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