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Industry 4.0 | Digital twin Product Stage Exhibitor contribution
1:50 — 2:10 PM
November 24 '20

Digital Added Value - Virtual Commissioning (VIBN) as enabler

Language: GER

The VIBN belongs to the established phase of the engineering process at leading

suppliers of automation solutions. The benefit of VIBN becomes financially visible as a short-term ROI based on "best practice" implementations, provided that the entire value-added process is considered. The continued use of the Digital Twins created

for VIBN for the optimization of production, innovative service concepts as well as

platform for qualification of personnel leads to new value-added business models.

VDMA currently develops these strategic aspects with the participation of industry

experts as a practice-oriented guideline for VIBN. This should significantly facilitate

the entry of companies into digital value creation, including the VIBN. The availability of a digital twin as a platform for digital value creation will become a decisive

competitive advantage for component manufacturers and plant and machine

manufacturers as well as for plant operators and in the service sector.

Dr. Christian Daniel

Business manager simulation technology, Consulting

Subject to changes without notice

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