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Robotics, Motion, Functional safety and DC-Infrastructure Technology Stage Exhibitor contribution
2:00 — 2:20 PM
November 26 '20

Delivering the Connected Enterprise for Industry 4.0

Language: ENG

Industry 4.0 Future scenarios in the year 2025: Industries 4.0 Migration process in large companies. 

The benefits of the Industry 4.0 are clear, increased data, better analytics capabilities, informed decisions, all leading to increased productivity. The network of digitally connected systems, including field devices sharing information is central to the connected enterprise vision. Existing networks are strained under the burden of increased traffic, with limited potential for expansion or addressability. The need for seamless connectivity from every sensor or actuator, even those in remote locations, is dictating a change in the industrial connectivity architectures. Ethernet connectivity on single twisted pair cabling up to a distance 1km (new IEEE standard 802.3cg-2019 / 10BASE-T1L) in intrinsically safe, Zone 0 applications will unleash the true power of Industry 4.0 in process control applications. This presentation will explore the opportunities presented by enterprise wide connectivity and the new Ethernet technologies emerging to support tomorrow’s industry connectivity vision. 

Fiona Treacy

Strategic Marketing Manager, Industrial Ethernet Technology

Subject to changes without notice

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