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Sensors and industrial communication Main Stage Lecture
2:30 — 2:50 PM
November 25 '20

5G and WIFI 6 – two converging technologies?

Language: GER + EN

Digitalization has a fundamental building block without shaping the future would not be possible in the private, commercial or industrial sector: the key is communication!

Industrial communication has changed from proprietary fieldbuses to Ethernet and to more and more mainstream technologies. It is therefore no wonder that technologies such as WIFI or mobile radio are already playing an important role in industrial communication.

With 5G and WIFI 6, two new generations of these wireless communication technologies are now coming onto the market, which at first glance have many technical similarities and address similar use cases.

The presentation shows the similarities and differences between 5G and WIFI 6 and summarizes the main areas of application of the two technologies regarding industrial use cases.

Frank Hakemeyer

Director of communication interfaces

Subject to changes without notice

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