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Sensors and industrial communication Technology Stage Lecture
1:35 — 1:55 PM
November 25 '20

The digital twin for sensors: A machine readable data source

Language: GER + EN

Definition of standard-based submodels for the asset administration shell of industrial sensors in a ZVEI working group

Manufacturers of industrial sensors join together in a working group hosted by ZVEI to define a generic structure of properties and corresponding submodels for asset administration shells compliant to Industry 4.0 that reflect the characteristics of different types of industrial sensors. The work is based on the data standard eCl@ss and additional sources like IEC-CDD are considered. In this lecture the selected working methods and the developed generic sensor structure model will be presented. Last, but not least it will be explained how the working group contributes to the eCl@ss repository.

Benedikt Rauscher

Head of Global IoT / Industry 4.0 Projects

Subject to changes without notice

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