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Robotics, Motion, Functional safety and DC-Infrastructure Main Stage Lecture
2:40 — 3:00 PM
November 26 '20

On the way to the DC factory - the open industrial DC grid for industrial plants

Language: GER + EN

In the presentation, the manufacturer-independent industrial direct current grid (DC grid) from DC-INDUSTRY will be presented as a solution for the upcoming challenges of industrial energy supply. The importance of DC-INDUSTRY results from the large number of well-known manufacturers of electrical engineering and users from the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors who support the open industrial direct current grid. With DC-INDUSTRY, this consortium wants to prepare the way for the DC factory, in which all energy is exchanged via a DC grid. This means that industrial production can be made more energy-efficient and flexible across all sectors using direct current.

DC-INDUSTRY has designed a low-voltage DC grid to which all consumers, storage units and infeeds of a control cabinet, a machine, a production cell or an entire production hall are connected. It is a system with the necessary technical rules. The essential requirements for the devices and structural components used in the direct current grid (drive inverters, rectifiers, active infeed converters, switching elements, connectors, cables, auxiliary voltage supplies, DC / DC converters, battery storage systems, decentralized energy generators) have already been tested in systems.

A grid management system is also included with which grid stability and grid controllability are achieved. With this, DC-INDUSTRY provides a comprehensive, manufacturer-independent system for industrial power supply in production that is open to the market, is future-proof and developed on the basis of state of the art technologies.

The presentation gives an overview and highlights some of the sevaral aspects of DC-INDUSTRY. The facilities of the project are also presented. This is to show the audience that the technology is tangible.

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