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Artificial intelligence and Intelligent operating concepts Technology Stage Lecture
11:30 — 11:50 AM
November 25 '20

Across all borders - Operating requirements for tomorrow

Language: GER + EN

IIOT and Industry 4.0 already require user-oriented and simple operating concepts. Corona has intensified this necessity even more, not only for the operating concepts of the machine operators but also for those of the commissioning engineers, maintenance staff and service technicians. After all, we will never return to the frequency of travel pre-Corona. The value of a machine for the buyer and operator will be demonstrated by how easily and quickly all user groups can perform their tasks on the machine.

To achieve this, operations over the entire life cycle must be considered and designed for all user groups, all use cases, all devices, all instructions. Both the operating activities of the employees on site must be user-oriented and simple as well as the support, instruction and monitoring remotely. The service technician's workplace will change the most.

This places new demands on those who design and determine these activities: mechanical engineers, automation engineers, GUI developers, but also technical documentation staff.

The presentation will give an insight into how this can be achieved.

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