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Robotics, Motion, Functional safety and DC-Infrastructure Main Stage Lecture
1:40 — 2:00 PM
November 26 '20

Using service robot modules successfully and safely in intralogistics

Language: GER + EN

In applications for material handling with an automated guided vehicle (AGV), many trades have to come together. The combination of AGVs and service robotics poses further challenges for the team of logistics experts, production technology, system integrators, electrical designers, manufacturers and operators: Additional sub-functions such as control, sensors, actuators and software modules have to be integrated. Only if this interaction is successful, can the required flexibility and economic efficiency be realized. Safety and thus availability play a special and often decisive role in this process. A case study from practice shows how robotics can be successfully used in intralogistics in the service team: From planning, selection of individual components, engineering, safe commissioning to CE marking.

Keywords: Manipulator, AGV transport system, ROS (software), CE marking, virtual commissioning, etc…

Dr. Manuel Schön

Product Manager Robotic, PM Controller

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