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Cyber Security und IT in der Fertigung Product Stage Ausstellerbeitrag
11:40 — 12:00
26. November '20

The Next Cyber-Attack Could Be At Your Factory

With the cyber-attack surface changing, there is increased security risk and a greater need for security solutions at the edge. It is imperative that factories adopt a resilient posture against cyber-attacks. The question is no longer if I will get hacked, but when. Building a connected factory requires smart edge devices to be able to recover from attacks requiring security implementations at the lowest level: the hardware. Being able to trust the lowest levels of a device’s boot and issue updates, enables a factory to recover and resume normal operations. No operational system can be completely secure, approaches to making security tradeoffs and applying the right security features at various levels of the system is required. For Motion control applications, securing the factory control loop requires unique schemes for authenticating devices and establishing network integrity.

Jared Eldredge

Security Applications Engineer

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