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Audi Sport GmbH

Waldemar Hirsch

Waldemar Hirsch is responsible for 3D printing of jigs and fixtures at Audi Sport. He coordinates the 3D printing activities within the production of Audi AG. He is also responsible for the mechanical analysis in the production of Audi Sport and the innovation management for the production. Before the time of 3D printing, Waldemar worked as a developer for process, method, and technology after studying automotive engineering in Cologne.

TCT Conference @ Formnext Portalhaus, Level Via, Room Frequenz ENG Transport
11:15 — 11:45 AM
November 19 '19

AM Rollout for Audi Sport and Next Level of Design Automation

German automobile manufacturer Audi AG has expanded production at its R8 facility, the Böllinger Höfe, with an integrated 3D printing department.

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