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Lionel Kiener

Lionel Kiener obtained his HES degree in micro-engineering in 2001. He worked eight years on the development and production of electrical rotary joints (sliprings) and mechanisms for space and industrial applications. Since 2012, he has been working for CSEM as an R&D engineer in the design and testing of industrial and space projects related to compliant mechanisms for high demanding applications. Today, he is involved in the development of the corner cube mechanism of the IRS for meteosat third generation (MTG) satellites as a mechanical engineer for the design, manufacturing and assembly activities. Mr Kiener is also involved in the design and testing of additive manufacturing based compliant structures since the first feasibility assessment activities.

TCT Conference @ Formnext Portalhaus, Level Via, Room Frequenz ENG Transport
1:15 — 1:45 PM
November 19 '19

Innovative Concept for Additive Manufacturing of Compliant Mechanisms

The new geometric possibilities offered by additive manufacturing have allowed us to develop, build, and test compliant mechanisms with almost no support structure under the fixture blades.

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