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TCT Conference @ Formnext Portalhaus, Level Via, Room Frequenz Keynote
10:30 — 11:00 AM
November 19 '19

How the Rail Industry Can Benefit from Additive Manufacturing

Language: ENG

The railway industry is not considered by experts as a pioneer when it comes to introducing new materials and manufacturing processes. However, in this industry, the benefits of additive manufacturing can have a transformational impact on the traditional supply chain and spare part production.

We are involved in the manufacture of 30 - 50 vehicles per year, all with a maturity of several years. This is production on an industrial scale.

In Europe, although the same principle can be applied internationally, it is of the upmost importance to minimize time - to - market. This is exactly where additive manufacturing provides its main advantages; cost-effective manufacturing from batch size 1, components in real dimensions for rapid design validation or for pre-series components, and of course, the spare parts business.

In this presentation, André Bialoscek, Head of Vehicle Physical Integration Hennigsdorf, Bombardier, will focus on a range of application examples of additive manufacturing in existing accident and refurbishment vehicles, as well as new vehicle developments. The spectrum of components produced by additive manufacturing that will be presented includes both interior & exterior components, such as air ducts, panels, headlamp housings and more.

André Bialoscek will use some select examples to illustrate what is commercially important to further extend the application of additive manufacturing within the rail industry and where additive manufacturing suppliers need to focus in the future to make the final breakthrough.

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