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TCT Conference @ Formnext Portalhaus, Level Via, Room Frequenz Business and Economic Considerations
11:45 AM — 12:15 PM
November 19 '19

Approach for Additive Manufacturing Development and Implementation at Northrop Grumman

Language: ENG

NGC has a long history of developing and inserting additive manufacturing into production, for both manufacturing support and fly-away hardware.

This presentation will cover NGC’s maturation of AM from the early 1990s, where NGC won World Rapid Prototyping awards through today, discussing NGC’s developments in fly-away polymer and metallic products for air and space. The methodologies and approaches for defining, developing and qualifying AM technologies for production will be discussed. Business cases from multiple U.S. Department of Defense programs and various part complexities will be presented. Emerging additive manufacturing technologies will be discussed in the context of the potential for flight hardware capability.

Northrop Grumman
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