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Industry Forum Industry Forum 7-543
12:30 — 1:00 PM
May 9 '19

What is the Impact of Battery, Power Electronics and Electric Motor Global Trends on the EV/HEV Industry?

Language: ENG

An EV/HEV is a complex device, where all the systems and their components can be designed and integrated in many different ways and have to be understood as a whole system. The battery pack is closely interlinked with other elements such as inverters and converters, and motors. A global understanding of each individual system is crucial to drive the cost down and further improve the performance of EV/HEVs. In this presentation, Yole Développement will provide a global picture of the EV/HEV industry, with the synergies between different EV/HEV components and how the technology trends for one component impacts the technology choice for other components.

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