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Industry Forum Industry Forum 7-543
1:00 — 1:30 PM
May 7 '19

SiC and GaN Impact on Traditional Si Power Electronics Industry

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The power electronics market is boosted by severalapplications such as EV/HEV, motor drives or renewable energies,bringing new requirements and new trends in power inverters. Since several years, the power electronics market is rising thanks to thedevelopment ofthe next generation of products for a better environment, with higher efficiency and reduced size. The power electronics global industry represents a huge market, with a value of $32.7Bin 2017. Yole forecasts further growth with a CAGR 2017-2023 of 4%.
Up to now, Silicon has been the chosen material to fabricate power electronics components, but with the arrival of Wide Band Gap (WBG) materials such as SiC or GaN, there will be a battlefield on different segments, whichwill depend on the application requirements. SiC market projection is being accelerated by the arrival of EV/HEV applications, whereas GaN is still behind in terms of market size. Good perspectivesare nevertheless envisaged with GaN penetration into power supplies for the coming years. Moreover, last year saw an increase of interest in GaN in emerging applications such as LiDARor wireless charging. However, despite the big technology development in WBG, the main market is still small compared to the enormous power electronics market.In parallel, silicon manufacturers keep on their development for new generationsof power transistors. According to our estimates, the market for Power SiC and Power GaN will reach about 10% of the total power electronics market by 2023, directly impacting the power electronics supply chain.
What will be the market size in 5 years from now? How will SiC and GaN penetrate the different power markets? How WBG materials market entry will affect the Silicon power device market? In our presentation, we will address these questions and provide answers in order to outline how the power electronics ecosystem will reshape.

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