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10:00 — 10:30 AM
November 19 '19

Aluminum 7A77: Additive Manufacturing of High Strength Aluminum Alloys

HRL has enabled a new class of 3D-printable high-strength aluminum alloys (Al 7A77.60L) built off the historically high-strength and low-cost wrought alloy systems.

 High-strength wrought 7000 and 2000 series aluminum alloys have been used for decades and are critical to many products from aircraft to sporting goods. These alloys are known for strength and low-cost alloying additions (e.g., Zn, Mg, and Cu) but have not been successfully 3D-printable. We present on HRL’s system which combines the performance, industrial acceptance, and cost benefits of high-strength alloys with the freedom of additive manufacturing by leveraging low-cost alloying elements with targeted grain refiners that control solidification for additive manufacturing without cracking issues.

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