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Tuesday, 3/19/2019

Exhibition forum C2-319 GER Vendor presentation

Efficient EMC testing with automation software

Automation of EMC testing is the key for efficient use of your equipment. Simple setup, automated test flow and equipment control, and clear visualization of your results speed up your testing. R&S®ELEKTRA is the new tool based on decades of experience in EMC software.

Exhibition forum C2-319 ENG Vendor presentation

Application of 3D PEEC Solution to EMC Analysis and PCB Design Optimization

Partial Element Equivalent Circuit (PEEC) is a popular method for combined EM and circuit analysis. It can be very effectively applied to represent three-dimensional printed circuit boards (PCB) and on-chip multi-conductor structures as a set of circuit elements to be calculated with SPICE like solvers. This presentation demonstrates the main workflow and advantages of EMCoS Studio 3D PEEC solution and its applications for the analysis of EMC/EMI problems.

Exhibition forum C2-319 GER Vendor presentation

Elimination of human inattention – visual inspection software for susceptibility measurements

Watching the EUT’s display for hours and just missed the second where it went off? R&S®AdVISE eliminates human inattention while monitoring up to 32 regions of interest captured by a camera with exactly the same attention. Documenting the error with EMS data, stored pictures or videos – better than any human could do.

Exhibition forum C2-319 Vendor presentation

Der Testplan als Prüfgrundlage für die EMV-Qualifizierung von Fahrzeugkomponenten

Normen und Herstellerspezifikationen enthalten meist nicht alle Informationen und Vorgaben, um ein Produkt optimal zu testen.Deshalb wird in der Regel ein Testplan erstellt, der produktspezifische Angaben enthält, normative Vorgaben konkretisiert und in dem mögliche Abweichungen von der Norm beschrieben sind. Somit bildet der Testplan die wichtigste Grundlage für die Durchführung einer Prüfung und die Bewertung der Ergebnisse.

Exhibition forum 319 ENG Vendor presentation

Isotropic behaviour of E-field probes, the forgotten specification

Isotropic behaviour of E-field probe is a poorly understood phenomenon. EMC test labs use electric E-field probes to determine the value of the electric field strength generated during radiated immunity testing. During these tests, the E-field probe is the only absolute reference to verify the amplitude of the generated field. Therefore, the accuracy of E-field probes is of the utmost importance. An explanation is given which parameters contribute to the overall accuracy, resulting in an overall error budget calculation. One of the most important, but often overlooked specification is the isotropic behaviour of E-field probes. Although essential to determine overall measurement accuracy, probe manufacturers just specify isotropic response at a single frequency point and at relative low frequencies.  However, isotropic response of a field probe strongly changes over frequency, getting much worse at higher frequencies. While the overall measurement accuracy of E-Field probes is dominated by its isotropic behaviour, it is essential to specify the isotropic behaviour over the full frequency range of the probe.

Exhibition forum C2-319 ENG Vendor presentation

Breakthrough in ElectroMagnetism diagnostics using innovative optical sensors

Kapteos presents an innovative technique dedicated to electromagnetism diagnosis based on optic probes. The proposed solution offers ultra-wide dynamic range, wide frequency bandwidth together with non-invasive measurement even in near field region. Numerous examples of applications are presented.

Exhibition forum 319 GER Vendor presentation

Bestimmung der Schirmdämpfung / -wirkung (Gehäuse, Kabel, Stecker und Materialien)

Bei der Elektrifizierung des Antriebsstrangs spielen die Schirmeigenschaften von Kabeln, Steckern und Gehäusen hinsichtlich der EMV eine essentielle Rolle. Die Performance der einzelnen Schirmkomponenten hängt sowohl von deren Design als auch von deren Materialeigenschaften ab. Über die Schirmdämpfung, sowie die (Delta-) Transferimpedanz, kann eine Aussage über das Ausmaß der Schirmwirkung getroffen werden. Diese Kenngrößen lassen sich durch verschiedene Prüfverfahren ermitteln und können anschließend analysiert werden.

Exhibition forum C2-319 ENG Vendor presentation

Simulating and Resolving EMC/EMI Issues in Electric Vehicles

The focus of this presentation is on the analysis of electric drivetrain systems consisting of batteries, cables, inverters, and electric machines in a metallic car body.We demonstrate electromagnetic simulations on component and bench test level and finally present the analysis of electromagnetic emissions on vehicle level including human exposure.

Wednesday, 3/20/2019

Exhibition forum C2-319 ENG Vendor presentation

Improving Electric Field Probe Measurements

Understanding the isotropic behavior of e-field probes is essential to making accurate and repeatable measurements.  Aspects such as amplitude linearity, frequency response, temperature drift and non-isotropic behavior of the probe are important parameters that will be discussed in this presentation.

Exhibition forum 319 GER Vendor presentation

Frankonia’s neue Absorberhallen und Update zu E-Drive Systemen

In den vergangenen Jahren hat sich die Frankonia stark mit kundenorientierten Lösungen beschäftigt und hat diese in standardisierte Lösungen gewandelt. Immer im Blick der heutigen und zukünftigen Standards, stellen wir neuen Absorberhallen für den industriellen Prüfbereich, eine adaptierte SAC-10 Vehicle Chamber, sowie auch ein Update zu bereits bekannten E-Drive Systemen vor. Gerade im Bereich E-Drive gibt es einige Ergänzungen zur Nutzung der mobilen EMC-BlueBox und dessen Einsatz hin zur fest installierten Variante.

Exhibition forum C2-319 GER Vendor presentation

Normalized Fixture Measurement – Simplified new measurement approach for devices with an integrated antenna in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ISM bands

The measurement procedures for wireless devices defined in ETSI EN 300 328 and ETSI EN 301 893 are growing in complexity with each new version of these standards published. In particular, the measurement procedures for verifying compliance with coexistence, adaptivity, DFS and receiver blocking requirements pose major challenges. As a result, measuring DUTs with an integrated antenna becomes an almost unsolvable task. A new test method, which is referred to as normalized fixture measurement and is currently being discussed in the relevant ETSI bodies, now makes it possible to substantially simplify these measurements. The method employs a test fixture, which is a near-field coupler that is usually integrated in a shielding box or chamber and is used to couple a DUT without an antenna connector to the test system. This approach makes it possible to perform measurements on DUTs with an integrated antenna, i.e. without an antenna connector, just as easily as conducted measurements. The disadvantage inherent in this method, i.e. that calibration of the near-field coupling is not possible, is overcome through normalization, which allows a stable, defined coupling to be temporarily established, significantly simplifying the otherwise complex test procedures.

Exhibition forum C2-319 GER Vendor presentation

ECE R10 Rev.5 Burst- und Surge-Transienten: Praktische Anwendung

Das Dokument ECE R10 Rev. 5 wurde von der United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) herausgegeben.Die ECE R10 Rev. 5 formuliert einheitliche Bestimmungen für die Genehmigung von Fahrzeugen in Bezug auf die EMV.Der Vortrag beinhaltet praktische Betrachtungen beim Testen von Burst- und Surge an EVs (Elektrofahrzeugen) undESAs (Bordnetzsystemen).

Exhibition forum C2-319 ENG Vendor presentation

Asymmetric filter solutions for HEMP and TEMPEST

Symmetric filters are the former solution initially introduced in the 70's and 80's for HEMP and TEMPEST protection. After laborious experiences, the Industry managed to optimize filters' design thanks to technological improvements and mainly migrated to asymmetric filters.  More compact and safer, this new conception still handles HEMP and TEMPEST requirements.  The aim of this speaking session is to present basic filter terminologies leading to explanations on Asymmetric filters being the most optimized actual solutions and how Exxelia makes the most of it.

Exhibition forum C2-319 ENG Vendor presentation

Protection of Critical Systems from Intentional Electromagnetic Pulse

An EMP is a high energy radio wave that can destroy, damage or cause the malfunction of electronic system by overloading the circuit.EMP pulse protector filters and Tempest Filters  are designed and manufactured by incorporating a combination of High speed surge protector and Passive components suppressing both EPM as well as the noise up to  18GHz  to protect the point of entry.

Thursday, 3/21/2019

Exhibition forum C2-319 ENG Vendor presentation

Automate EMC testing to the MAX!

Based on a track-record of 25 years, RadiMation EMC test software provides a modular software platform to automate EMC testing in accordance to any EMC standard, control any brand of EMC test instruments, manage and register historic EMC test data and automatically generate test reports.

Exhibition forum C2-319 ENG Vendor presentation

Sophisticated Emission tests to Automotive standards

Nexio offers a new sleek approach for Emission testing beneficial to the automotive sector.The automotive limits are defined by band with diverse parameters RBW and measure time and require a specific table of results.Customers will save time during tests and get a report in an instant, as close as possible to OEMs requirements.

Exhibition forum C2-319 GER Vendor presentation

1 … 6 GHz Erweiterungen gemäß IEC 61000-4-3

Current technical requirements and continuously raising frequencies in numerous technical instruments and devices are causing higher demands on compliance with electromagnetic compatibility. This is already taken into account in many standards and requires tests at correspondingly higher frequencies. So far unchanged (manufacturer) standards will follow and will usually require an upgrade of existing measurement systems. With custom made system solutions, the product portfolio of emv Service GmbH allows to optimally meet all those requirements – either for the design of new systems or for the (frequency) extension of existing systems.

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